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About us

A Hungary-based company specialising in art commissions and projects, operating on an international scale. We help to connect the client with the creator with several years of expert knowledge.

Our team have been active in the world of project-based art and exhibitions for decades, so whether it's design, creation, casting, delivery or overall project management, we're happy to give you a hand.

During the cooperation, we ensure unified representation for both the client and the creator, since our aim is to establish the artwork based on the client's vision.

Kristóf Megyeri
Art Manager, Curator, Managing Director
Founder of MAM
About me
János Megyeri
Sculptor, Professional Jury
Senior Design Advisor
About me
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“Megrendelőként ámulatba ejtő érzés, ha valóságban jobban néz ki egy átadott műalkotás, mint ahogy valaha elképzeltem.”
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Why is it worth choosing us?

Everyone needs a dynamic and well-functioning back-up team - why should you be the exception? We help you to see the whole picture from the beginning of the workflow to the last step of the project, while we ensure quality workmanship. We control the deadlines and the completion of the work as planned, and we offer a 100% warranty for a workflow free from problems.

Free consultation
More than 20 years of experience
100% warranty
Optimal value for money


The most important criteria in determining the price are the quality of the artist, the material used, the size of the work, the location of the installation and the exact deadline. Following a personalised consultation, we provide individual pricing.

Not at all, in fact in many cases it can be an advantage in terms of artistic freedom. If you're completely undecided, we can help you to create the artwork that fits your brand identity!

We provide safe, comfortable and supportive conditions for our artists throughout the project. Our aim is to make the creative process relaxed, smooth and stress-free.

We work with all aspects of the visual arts. The majority of our commissions are for outdoor and indoor sculptures and paintings, but we have also had the opportunity of designing and implementing many exhibitions and we are also well-versed in the digital space too.



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Arts Manager, Curator | Managing Director | Founder of MAM

I've been surrounded by artists since I was a child: I walked into my father's sculpture workshop every day after school, where I was amazed to see several people constantly creating something.

I have been the Managing Director of our company since 2017, and over the years I have gained countless experience in the world of art. The biggest lesson I have learned that trust is the main essential of everyday life, it is the basis of everything.

Nowadays I can say that I know a wide range of both the clients and artists as well. They are drawn together by a common purpose, like the two poles of a magnet, but sometimes it is difficult to create a seamless match.

That's why I thought it is important to have someone to represent them, to know their way of thinking, their emotions, how they work. Someone, who understands and feels what they need, who is aware not only the problems they face, but also of the most effective way to solve them - this is how I built up Megyeri Art Management.

János Megyeri

Sculptor | Professional Jury | Senior Design Advisor

Art is a gift from God!

Even as a child, creating has been a vital part of my life. After all, my destiny led me to sculpture in a great arc. Although I regretted that I wasted so much time, I now realize that it was not in vain, and I am grateful to God that I was able to establish my professional knowledge and spiritual development in a way that makes my work an artistic creation. For me, art is giving, receiving and welcoming.

Every day I spend in my studio is filled with endless love and gratitude. I reach for all the material with humility and I let the creative force guide my hand.

I can't agree with Friedrich Nietzsche's thought: „We have art in order not to die of the truth...” - this idea is the unloving, empty, painful experience of being without God. I believe that art is a state of grace, a link, a connection, a gift and a timeless meeting of souls in a created, mundane space.