Istvan Csukas fairy tale exhibition


Mirr-Murr, the Great Ho-ho-ho angler, Oriza Triznyák, Pom-Pom, Süsü the dragon. . . and we could list their peers for a very, very long time! They are the immortal fairy tale figures of István Csukás.

The protagonists of these wonderful fairy tales are now appearing in reality in “full human size” within the framework of an exhibition, stepping out of the world of storytelling books and fairy tale films. The figures of the contemporary Hungarian writer, poet and essayist, who have been awarded the Kossuth, Prima Primissima, József Attila Prize and many other professional awards, are revived by sculptor János Megyeri.

The unique fairy-tale world created by the artist consists of a total of 16 figures, which are presented in five scenes. There are more than 10 large figures from the participants of the special exhibition, who can be seen in such an embodiment as anyone else in the country!

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