Ervin Lazar fairy tale exhibition


From the pen of Zsófia Lázár:

János Megyeri, when he moved to Pécel and found out that Ervin Lázár, the great storyteller, had lived and worked in this place for a long time, thought that he wanted to pay tribute to his memory with some large-scale, lasting work.

As a result of long preparations and hard work with heart-soul-expertise, life-size figures have recently been completed, Dömdödöm, Lajos Monster, Horse Seraphin, Vacskamati, Mikkamakka, Zoárd Nagy, the stepping pine tree, and my personal favorite, Minti they set off on a fairy "flower-round" journey in the form of a traveling exhibition. And in order not to get lost, they cannot be left unaccompanied: the artist himself, my father, Ervin Lázár, is with them, or rather a copy of a lifelike sculpture similar to his voice, which of course also praises the work of the artist, János Megyeri.

Valahogy úgy. Nem egészen, de majdnem. A megszólalásig élőben, ahogy mondani szokás. Mintha valaki átment volna értük innen a valóságból a mesébe, és kiszabadította volna őket. Tényleg? Bizony.

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