“Art makes the world go round” Our journey began with this motto and Art Megyeri was created, which is a family business created by a father and son, they perfectly complement each other to take their place in the world of art and culture. Numerous public artworks and exhibitions indicate their phenomenal quality of art, which is the signature of Art Megyeri.

The beginning can be dated to the 2015 World Expo hosted by Milan, where we were able to present our country with five hyperrealistic sculptures to establish our country's well-deserved place in the art worth. From that point onwards we started building our brand consciously.

János Megyeri has been a sculptor for decades. His artistic work is recognized in Hungary and the surrounding countries. His sculptures are displayed in public spaces, exhibitions and museums. Kristóf Megyeri, the manager of the company, was able to show his exceptional talent by finding the right place for these sculptures in the world of exhibitions. This cooperation equals the versatility that has distinguished this business ever since.

We are capable of creating public sculptures, (museum) exhibitions, or cooperating with contemporary artists. There was a huge demand to bring these exhibitions close to where our potential visitors lived, so it became necessary to start launching traveling exhibitions. We have already successfully developed and handled all the technical and logistical circumstances to run them smoothly. Due to the previously mentioned facts our two main trends became both indoor-outdoor sculptures and exhibitions. Our goal is to make art present in our everyday lives.


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